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Dr. Blake Westra, DMD

Westra Family

My path to dentistry started with a spring break trip my Junior year of college. It was a mission trip to do construction in Honduras. During that week, I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to help in a clinic with physicians and dentist for a day. It was that day that I fell in love with short term medical and dental trips. I went on several more mission trips over the next couple of years, which helped guide my decision into dentistry.

Dentistry is one of those things that many people are afraid to have done. I strive to put my patients concerns and well-being as my primary focus and hope to provide a calming, comforting environment for patients. Being able to restore and help maintain a healthy mouth for every patient is a goal of everyone in our office."

DMD: Southern Illinois University, School of Dental Medicine

Member: American Dental Association (ADA), Christian Medical and Dental Association (CMDA), Academy of General Dentistry (AGD), Illinois State Dental Society (ISDS), Eastern IL Dental Society

Beyond the office, Dr. Blake spends most of his time with his growing family, coaching his kids sports teams and golfing on occasion.

Dr. Daniel Wen

Dr.Dan Wen

Dr. Dan was born in Baltimore, Maryland. He went to Severna Park High School, and attended Johns Hopkins University, Anne Arundel Community College, University of Maryland, and the Oral Roberts University College of Theology and Ministry. Somewhere in mix of his exhaustive schooling experience, pre-Dr. Dan completed a post-baccalaureate research program at the National Institutes of Health (in Bethesda, Maryland), where he worked on mutating mice in the name of dental science.

Pre-Dr. Dan later attended dental school at the Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine, in Cleveland, Ohio. After graduating from dental school, Dr. Dan returned to Maryland, and then decided that it was maybe time to see the Midwest. He found Casey Family Dental through a representative within the Christian Medical Dental Association. Dr. Dan wanted to work within a dental practice that aims towards delivering fair and compassionate dental care. This is what led Dr. Dan to the vast corn and soybean fields of Southern Illinois.  

Dr. Dan wants to work closely with each individual patient in addressing the patient’s most pressing dental health needs. He wants to make the patient feel an active part in the dental health care process, so that the patient knows how to take the necessary long-term steps to improve his or her dental health.

In his spare time Dr. Dan likes to study American and European history, and amass a large repository of semi-useless American popular culture facts. He has pretty much given up on his abysmally woeful hometown Baltimore Orioles baseball team (Dr. Dan: "I will resume being an Orioles fan after I hear that Peter Angelos has died."). He still follows the time-honored tradition of shopping at Goodwill for shirts and office supplies. Dr. Dan is currently in the process of trying to build the most exorbitant hi-fi surround-sound stereo system that can ethically fit in his 11 ft. x 19 ft. living room.

~Daniel Wen, DMD

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